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  • Arkansas Educational Television Network (AETN), a PBS affiliate, partnered with NAMI-ARKANSAS to produce and broadcast a one-hour panel discussion to follow the program premiere on October 28, 2009. The program was hosted by Pamela Smith of KATV, Channel 7 and featured a panel of six including a psychiatrist, the CEO of a community mental health center, the state director of mental health services and the director of the regional NAMI chapter. During the broadcast volunteers fielded caller's questions for the panelists. The next day, NAMI's state office made calls to answer all unresolved questions and follow up on personal issues with callers.

    AETN promoted the special on their website and in a press release. NAMI-ARKANSAS also featured MINDS ON THE EDGE on their homepage with this information:

    Twice a year we focus on raising awareness pertaining to our mental state of health. This program is underwritten by Arkansas Mental Health Research and Training Institute.

    This Wednesday, October 28, 2009 Healing Minds. Changing Attitudes will address adult mental health and provide information about diagnosis, treatment, stigma and other issues. This two-hour program will feature a PBS special, Minds on the Edge: Facing Mental Illness, followed by a panel discussion. Viewers are encouraged to call in their questions to the phone bank during the program.

    1. David Laffoon, Director of the Division of Behavioral Health Services
    2. Steven Domon, Medical Director of the Arkansas State Hospital
    3. Jannie Cotton, CEO of Professional Counseling Associates
    4. Kim Arnold, Director of NAMI Arkansas
    5. Marquitta Magnini, a family member of a person living with a mental illness and a NAMI Family to Family Teacher
    6. Ruth Trowbridge, a person living with a mental illness and a NAMI Connection Support Group Facilitator
  • The Soar Network of Little Rock, a group that works to end homelessness, is using MINDS ON THE EDGE as an educational tool for providers, church leaders and consumers in the community.