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  • NAMI-IOWA CITY hosted a conference September 26, 2009 and previewed MINDS ON THE EDGE at the Coralville Iowa Public Library as a kickoff to Mental Illness Awareness Week.

    Rhonda Shouse, Vice President of NAMI-IOWA, emailed information about the project to everyone on her mailing lists highlighting the project's YouTube videos.

    I came across the attached clip today and want to share it with you all. It is a video clip of June Judge, of NAMI Johnson County, speaking about her family's mental illness. This is part of the MINDS ON THE EDGE: Facing Mental Illness project...a multi-platform media project that explores severe mental illness in America...The goal is to advance consensus about how to improve the kinds of support and treatment available for people with mental illness.

    If you would prefer to watch June's video, along with many others, on YouTube you can find it at:>&feature=channel_page
    Check out the Minds on The Edge project at:

  • NAMI-Iowa held a screening and discussion of MINDS ON THE EDGE at two monthly meetings, November 2009 and January 2010.

    Shirley Matheis reported:

    It was an OVERWHELMINGLY positive experience. There were 12 at the November meeting and 22 at the January meeting, including both consumers and family members. They discussed Olivia's story in November and James's in January. They used the online questions to generate discussion after each 10-minute segment, and those were very animated discussions noting that they spent almost two hours on Olivia's story with just a short coffee break in the middle... Everyone loved it. We hope to use the DVD in other venues as soon as we can make arrangements to do so. It's especially important for the general public to be exposed to the problems of living with mental illness. So we are hoping to be able to show and discuss the DVD with the police department, church groups, etc. We'll also share it with the local college for use in their psychology and social work classes. Thank you VERY MUCH for making this wonderful resource available.