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  • NAMI-MARYLAND used the MINDS ON THE EDGE DVD during a retreat for 13 affiliates.

    Don Slater, a member of NAMI-MARYLAND, reports the response was very good:
    All of the folks viewing the show were either family members or consumers, so it did not have the shock value that it will have with the general public...I thought it was great and was glad to have had the chance to show it and then have 60-minute discussion afterwards.

  • In Galena, Community Alliance for Upper Shore held a screening of MINDS ON THE EDGE on October 30, 2009. A psychiatric facility recently closed in the community and, during the panel discussion that followed, issues connected with that event were addressed.

  • NAMI-COLUMBIA plans to show MINDS ON THE EDGE on March 30, 2010 at the main library. The screening will be followed by a panel including the head of the local Public Mental Health Department and the head of the hospital psychiatry unit.

    Donelda Stayton, Chair, Public Policy Committee NAMI-COLUMBIA reports:
    The issue of assisted treatment has been a contentious issue in our state and any meaningful attempt to make involuntary commitment easier to obtain has been opposed by consumer groups. So one of our plans is to try to take this program to as many consumer groups as possible. We showed it to our local consumer group called On Our Own, which largely serves chronically ill people living in residential homes. While not arriving at a consensus, these folks were very interested and had a meaningful discussion about the issues. The program was shown in accordance with your viewing guide.

    As a Quaker, Mr. Stayton also arranged for the Peace and Social Concerns Committee to show MINDS ON THE EDGE to a group of 20+ people. He reports:
    ...once again it met with interest. In the desire to show our concern about the plight of the mentally ill and the impact of public policy decision, we have formed a mental health ministry subgroup, one goal being to take this program to other Quaker groups in the area. Perhaps you know that historically in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries Quakers were leaders in asylum reforms. We have a hope of rekindling that spirit and finding some leading for a mental health ministry once again.

  • NAMI-METROPOLITAN BALTIMORE is integrating the MINDS ON THE EDGE DVD into their ongoing community outreach. Plans include targeting the 11-13 college campuses in area.