State By StateVirginia

  • The Blacksburg, VA Mental Health Support Group watched the first 3 chapters of MINDS ON THE EDGE at their December 2009 support group meeting with plans to watch the last 3 chapters at their January 2010 meeting. They found that the program sparked good discussion and sharing of personal stories.
  • Office of Consumer and Family Affairs in Virginia Beach screened MINDS ON THE EDGE for about 50 local residents at a NAMI meeting, followed by a panel discussion that included Carolyn Wood, a Mental Health Educator and a Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) Trainer, a Psychology Hospital CEO, a family member, a consumer and a case manager. Ms. Wood is planning another event where the MINDS DVD will "be the foundation of a half day program that the clergy have requested. We plan to show the DVD and then discuss the issues and solutions for our community."
  • NAMI-CVA RICHMOND plans to show the MINDS ON THE EDGE DVD at a NAMI-CVA General Meeting of their members and will use the program as an educational and informational tool.
  • NAMI-SUFFOLK is planning to use MINDS ON THE EDGE for affiliate meetings and for a church sponsored event according to Taresa Tomlin.
  • NAMI-HAMPTON and the NEWPORT NEWS president, Robert G. Williams reports that their NAMI chapter will use MINDS ON THE EDGE as part of an outreach program for consumers and family members.