Project ToolkitEngage Your Community
Across the country, people are getting invovled.
What opportunities might you have to watch MINDS ON THE EDGE with others and contribute to this valuable national discussion?
  • Host a house party.
    1. Decide how many people your home can comfortably seat.
    2. Be sure to invite people with a variety of viewpoints
    3. Chose one person to be the discussion leader for the event.
  • Plan a screening/discussion.
    1. Possible Locations:
      1. the local library
      2. community center
      3. your professional association's office
      4. place of worship
      5. college campus
    2. Format for the event:
      1. View the full 1-hour program and then separate into smaller groups to discuss.
      2. Invite a panel to discuss the program following the screening. You might invite the local police chief, an ER doctor, a social worker, the mayor or county executive. Be sure to include some people who live with mental illness to provide their point of view.
      3. Select portions of the program to screen and have a more intensive discussion about particular issues.
      4. If there are important resources in your community for individuals and/or families living with mental illness, consider a screening followed by a presentation of these resources.
Download your tools for action here