State By StateBritish Columbia

The Developmental Disabilities Mental Health Support Team in Vernon, British Columbia presented MINDS ON THE EDGE at 3 successful events. The first event was with a graduating class of 18 at the college where Barry Brazier teaches courses on Adult Mental Health and Child and Youth Mental Health. Mr. Brazier reports:
I used the DVD as a capstone experience. Initially, I mediated a similar role-play exercise using the scenarios in the DVD, and perhaps not surprising, the students raised or encountered many of the same issues. I then showed them the DVD which generated considerable discussion and really opened their eyes to some of the challenges they'll face in supporting individuals with mental health problems. This was a great educational tool for this exercise.
The second event was at a faculty retreat of about 25 staff. According to Mr. Brazier:
The information was well received and for the inexperienced and uninformed members it served as a stunning message. I heard comments like 'I had no idea' and 'I thought the entire range of support services was in place.'
The third time the DVD was used with a family support group for parents of high risk teens. MINDS ON THE EDGE was screened following a presentation on the value of family support and empathy as well as the need for parents to play an advocacy role in the mental health of their children. The DVD generated a range of emotions including frustration and anger for the lack of effective services which emphasized Brazier's earlier presentation on the necessity of parent roles to include advocating for their children. The information was very well received.