American Psychiatric Association
Institute on Psychiatric Services

The American Psychiatric Association featured MINDS ON THE EDGE at its October Institute on Psychiatric Services meeting in New York City. The 3-hour session titled "Leveraging MINDS ON THE EDGE to Drive Reform of Our Fragmented Mental Health System," included a screening of segments of the program combined with in-depth discussion led by Thomas Simpatico, M.D. and Tracey Skale, M.D. -- panelists in MOTE.

The Institute on Psychiatric Services (IPS) offers training and support for psychiatrists and other mental health professionals to provide quality care and leadership. The annual conference attracts approximately 2,000 attendees.

The session explored the consequences of the fragmented state of mental health care as portrayed in the program, and workshop participants discussed actionable strategies for using the project tools and resources to advocate for systemic change. A program DVD was provided to all in attendance.

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