At the invitation of NASMHPD's executive director Dr. Robert Glover, MINDS ON THE EDGE was presented at the annual Commissioner's meeting of the National Association of State Mental Health Program Directors on July 21 in St. Louis. NASMHPD's primary members are the commissioners/directors of the 55 state and territorial mental health departments. Collectively, they manage a $31 billion public mental health service delivery system that serves 6.3 million people annually.

Michael Hartman, Vermont's Mental Health Commissioner, introduced Fred Friendly Seminars President Richard Kilberg and described plans underway in Vermont to incorporate MINDS ON THE EDGE into a state-wide initiative to develop public and legislative support for systemic change. Commissioners attending the session watched several extended excerpts from the program, commented on the issues raised in the video, and discussed the potential use of the program with constituencies in their state. A survey of conference participants found that this session was rated among the most valuable presentations at the conference.

Following the meeting, Dr. Glover sent a program DVD all 50 commissioners providing them with the opportunity to use the program to educate state policymakers and engage key stakeholders.

NASMHPD leadership also brought the program to the attention of colleagues in the mental health field who were planning Capitol Hill legislative briefings on public policy. This resulted in the Washington DC Legislative Briefing on October 7 hosted by the Campaign for Mental Health Reform.

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