State By StateTennessee

  • NAMI-JACKSON collaborated with Union University to host a screening of MINDS ON THE EDGE on October 5, 2009 at 6:30 pm in Harvey Hall at Union University.

  • NAMI-GREENEVILLE sponsored an "In Our Own Voice" community mental health forum that drew 55 attendees with a dozen or so asking to be notified of future NAMI meetings. The plan is to follow up using 2 of the MINDS Chapters at each of the next 3 monthly meetings, along with discussion questions from the MINDS ON THE EDGE website after breaking into family and BRIDGES support groups.

  • NAMI-JACKSON facilitated a Face-to-Face forum August 24, 2009 where MINDS ON THE EDGE was introduced as a tool to share with monthly support groups as well as with the Fire Department.